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At Naturally Tribal, we ensure that no animals are harmed during the making of our products. Our commitment to being Cruelty Free and Vegan has been recognised by Leaping Bunny, who certified our products in 2019.

We were surprised and disappointed to hear about the The European Chemicals Agency’s proposal to allow animal testing on ingredients that have been used safely for years. This puts the longstanding ban on animal testing in Europe at risk! 

If accepted, millions of animals will be subjected to testing. This is not only cruel, but no longer necessary due to the advancements in scientific and human relevant testing, giving brands cruelty free alternatives to ensure the safety of their cosmetic products. 

As part of Leaping Bunny’s ‘Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics’ campaign, we, alongside brands such as Dove and The Body Shop, aim to gather 1 million signatures across Europe to sign the European Citizens’ Initiative. Animal cruelty is unacceptable and together, we can make a stand to ensure that this proposal does not go forward.

If this is the first time you have heard of this, I’m sure that you have a lot of questions, which we will try to answer below.

Aren’t cosmetics tests on animals already banned in the EU?

Yes. But despite the bans, there are calls from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for new animal testing on ingredients that have been used safely for years – even those solely used for cosmetics. If this goes ahead, millions of animals could be subjected to cruel and unnecessary tests. 

How will a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) help this situation?

An ECI is a unique mechanism, allowing the public to tell Europe’s authorities what they care about. An ECI addresses the European Commission directly, the Commission has to respond and an ECI can result in changes to EU law.  If one million European citizens sign the initiative, we have the chance to stop unnecessary tests on millions of animals. 

Why is now the right time for an ECI?

ECHA’s proposals jeopardise the EU’s longstanding ban on animal testing for cosmetic products. Now is the time to call on the European Commission to protect and strengthen Europe’s ban on animal testing of cosmetics and stop unnecessary tests on millions of animals.  

Who is involved in this ECI?

Naturally Tribal has united with Dove, The Body Shop and over 100 animal protection organisations to make sure that the EU sticks to the promise it made when it banned animal testing for cosmetics. We’d love your support! If you’re an EU Citizen, please sign here

Are you calling for an end to all animal testing, including for pharmaceuticals and basic medical research?

The focus of this campaign is to protect and strengthen the existing cosmetics animal testing bans. To do so, we must also transform EU chemicals laws (REACH) that are currently being revised by Europe’s decisionmakers with a threat of more animal testing for ingredients with a history of safe use – we must be free to embrace a modern, science-led approaches to ensure human and environmental safety, without the need for animal testing within the cosmetics industry.

While brands are concentrating their efforts on the cosmetic industry, it is likely that any improvements in the further development and regulatory acceptance of animal-free safety science capability will have a positive impact on other sectors including pharmaceuticals, food and other critical industries. 

What will you do if the ECI fails?

This ECI presents an opportunity to protect Europe’s ban on animal testing for cosmetics and spare millions of animals from unnecessary tests. We won’t stop fighting until we see the ban upheld. If you’re an EU citizen, you can support by signing the ECI

Which cosmetics ingredients are subject to new tests on animals under REACH?

ECHA is proposing animal testing of commonly used surfactants and preservatives. Some well-known ingredients subject to new tests on animals under REACH include propylparaben, sodium lauryl sarcosinate and silica, and many more ingredients used in cosmetics will be affected. 

What animals are tested on?

Animal tests for cosmetics typically involve rats, mice, guinea pigs or rabbits and are extremely unpleasant. 

Is it possible for cosmetics to be safe without animal tests?

Yes! Cosmetics can actually be safer without animal tests. Companies have been developing human-relevant alternatives to animal tests for decades. The ingredients at the centre of this issues have a long history of safe use. 

What happens when cosmetics can’t be tested using non-animal methods?

Thanks to the science that’s been developed over many decades, it’s extremely rare that safety cannot be demonstrated using non-animal methods. 


We are so proud to be Cruelty Free and are committed to a world without animal testing, we’re delighted that Cruelty Free Europe have called on brands like us to support this campaign and help make a change.

You can learn more about this campaign and the impact it can have here:

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