Naturally Tiwa by Naturally Tribal Skincare

Change is one of the key constants in life, and as part of our brand evolution, we are thrilled to unveil the official new name of our brand. Naturally Tribal Skincare is proud to announce that, effective September 30th, 2023, our brand will be known as NATURALLY TIWA. This change signifies a new chapter in our journey, and we're excited to share it with you.

Over the years, we have realized that the word 'Tribal' carries underlying connotations that can sometimes separate rather than promote inclusivity. We've spent the last five years building and uniting tribes to ensure inclusivity, and this journey led us to the word 'TIWA' which, in one of the main tribes in Nigeria (Yoruba), means 'One who owns the crown' or 'One who wears the crown'.

Naturally TIWA places the crown on our brand, our customers, and our partners. It encapsulates the essence of our brand, which combines ancient remedies and ethically sourced ingredients, paying homage to Africa while delivering ancestral beauty designed for the modern-day family.

TIWA, in one word, tells our story — from Transparency and Traceability to Innovative products designed for the Whole body while remaining Authentic to our core values. TIWA is Powerful, TIWA is belonging, TIWA is ownership. This transition allows us to stay true to being British while honouring our brand's African heritage with one word.

What's Not Changing:

  • The official registered name of our company will remain Naturally Tribal Skincare Limited.
  • Who we are, what we do, and how we do it all remain the same:
    • Our purpose
    • Our values and ethos
    • Our personality
    • Our story
    • Our look and feel

What's Changing:

  • The word TRIBAL will be replaced with the word TIWA on all our products and packaging.
  • Our social media handles will reflect Naturally TIWA.
  • Our Website URL will reflect the word TIWA.

The Transition: While our formulations and products remain unchanged, we are in the process of updating all our packaging. As a small indie brand, this transition will be ongoing, and all packaging with the word 'TRIBAL' will be phased out as quickly as possible. This change might impact the ordering process however, we will do all we can to make the transition as smooth as possible for all our customers. As you many have heard, we have partnered with Flare which allows all our customers to order in advance on our website. This will guarantee that you are not out of your favourite product whilst we transition. We kindly ask for your support during this transition period.

Communication: We've already started communicating this change with the launch of our Paw Patrol Clean and Soft Range under our Naturally TIWA brand name. In the coming days, we will further communicate this change via all our social media channels, explaining to our customers that we are putting a crown on their heads, celebrating their individual royalty, authority and power over
their skin.

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