Menopause and Your Skin

Our founder takes some time to talk about menopause and how this change can have an impact on your skin.

I have to admit that I was irritated by seeing the word ‘menopause’ everywhere! It seems to be on everyone’s list, all media subscriptions and my thought was ‘great! Everyone is jumping on the band wagon and screaming menopause’. You know that feeling where you see that thing you are either going through, crave or want to avoid EVERYWHERE!

It is normal, isn’t it? Menopause I mean!

It is yet another thing on our ‘I am woman’ list – puberty, developing breasts, starting one’s period, pregnancy, and childbirth and then menopause. We know it is coming.

I have done a U-turn after a little bit of soul searching. Just because it is natures course does not make our ‘I am woman’ list bearable or even acceptable. I am one of those women who had an issue at every single stage – breasts developed very quickly, graduating to a 34H bra size, excruciating period pains, polycystic ovarian syndrome, difficulty conceiving (IVF four times) and now, going into my 50th year and not welcoming menopause (in my peri-menopausal stage) with open arms. The peri-menopausal stage feels like being given a taster of what is to come once my period stops. So, here’s to getting to the time when my ovaries stop to release eggs and the end of menstruation.

Let’s not forget that you don’t have to be over 45 to experience this! Premature menopause can also occur due to a hysterectomy, endometriosis or chemotherapy/ radiotherapy which can cause damage to ovaries.

If you happen to be one of those very lucky women who has breezed through your ‘I am woman’ list – jealous is the nicest word, I can find to describe how I feel about you.

Despite my initial reservations and moaning, I am really thrilled that MENOPAUSE is EVERYWHERE. We historically never talked about these things, they were taboo, and we suffered in silence. Today, we can shout ‘HOT FLUSHES’ and you might even get a high-five or ‘I hear you’ look from a total stranger who can relate.

Although our experiences will differ and vary, one thing is clear- it is a normal part of ageing! Acceptance that it is all natural and can impact or affect us in different way helps us get into the right mindset.

Of course, owning a skincare brand means that I will focus on one of the overlooked gifts of menopause that is dry skin and general impact on the skin. In a saturated market which gives you millions of options, I advocate battling this natural occurrence with nature, natural ingredients that are results driven, simple, nurturing, and gentle. 

So, lets break down menopause and skin:


The Skin:

Regardless of skin type, tone, gender or race, our skin is made up of three layers:

  • Epidermis: The outer layer we see which is our visible barrier and the creator of our skin tone
  • Dermis: beneath the epidermis, this layer houses our hair follicles, sweat glands and of course connective tissue
  • Hypodermis: where you will find more connective tissue and fat

My focus will be on the dermis, the middle layer which houses a significant percentage of the skin’s thickness and connective tissues. These connective tissues are made up of two proteins – collagen and elastin. 

Making up about 40% of the body’s protein, collagen is, in my opinion, one of the most important substances in our body. Found in our bones, muscles, tendons and of course skin, collagen is that binder that keeps everything structured and in shape.

There are many types of collagen in the human body however, TYPE 1, which is what I would call the body’s ‘main collagen’ as it accounts for about 90% of the collagen in our bound and in this context, is the main one found in skin.

For our skin, collagen binds our tissues and cells, holds a great deal of responsibility for making the skin cells strong.

As we age and our skin matures, production of collagen by our body naturally starts to slow and the structure of our cells weaken, skin becomes thinner, starts to sag, and loses elasticity. Add to that UV exposer, not so great lifestyle, poor diet and pollution, and the ageing process speeds up.

At the start, I mentioned that the drop in our oestrogen levels and the varying in progesterone levels which throw our hormone levels out of balance is one of the major gifts of menopause. It’s safe to say that when one’s oestrogen levels drop, our collagen production decreases.


Menopause and Your Skin

The dramatic reduction in oestrogen levels during menopause directly impacts collagen levels in our skin. In our 20’s and 30’s we lose collagen at the rate of 1% per year and as we enter into menopause this increases to up to 30% of collagen loss.

As mentioned previously – THIS IS NORMAL! It is mother nature just doing her thing but there are ways to go into the battlefield and it is a matter of choice. When it comes to beauty and skincare, one can go the aesthetic route or the natural route. I choose natural for my face and body. We tend to focus quite a lot on our face and forget that the skin, which is the largest organ we have, the great barrier and protector needs attention everywhere and not just the face. Using my Naturally Tribal Skincare products does the trick, here’s why:


The Face:

Designed with simplicity and high impact in mind, Naturally Tribal Skincare’s MIMO Range is a game changer bursting with superior ingredients that feed, nurture and enhance the face. MIMO Cleansing Balm is designed to clean and nourish courtesy of the powerful antioxidants which fight signs of ageing. Whilst the MIMO Facial Serum was designed to pack a punch, by providing intense hydration, boost collagen, reduce wrinkles, and fine lines all whilst balancing the skins natural oils.

MIMO Facial Cleanser:

The combination of the powerful natural ingredients in this cleanser delivers:

  • Safflower oil, fights hyperpigmentation, acne and prevents premature ageing and wrinkles.
  • The super hydrator that is Shea Butter
  • Baobab, the tree of life, is a collagen preserver
  • Manketti, it’s anti-ageing superpowers diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • Marula, balances oil production
  • Mango, fights blemishes, evens skin complexion, and increases collagen production
  • Petitgrain, balancing oil production which helps fight acne and reduce appearance of pore size
  • Lemon, brightens skin and fights premature ageing
  • Black Pepper, helps manage vitiligo and is an age warrior

MIMO Facial Serum:

  • Bakuchiol, brightens, is an incredible age warrior and regenerates skin
  • Moringa, eliminates dark spots and protects from UV rays all whilst healing the skin
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil, protects the skin from environmental stressors and promotes collagen formation
  • The super hydrator that is Shea Butter
  • Argan, improves skin elasticity, protects from the sun whilst fighting signs of ageing
  • Manketti, it’s anti-ageing superpowers diminish wrinkles and fine lines
  • Carrot, the ultimate skin healer for skin conditions, fighting free radicals and acne, it’s the supreme glow giver
  • Cedarwood, guards the skin from environmental pollutants, reduces breakouts, redness, and irritation


The Body:

For our body, we need hydration and I advocate for products that are natural and contain fewer chemical ingredients which can reduce our natural oils leading to further dryness. Naturally Tribal Skincare products are packed with antioxidants and focus on natural skin repair using the following ingredients:

  • Shea Butter: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, Vitamins A&E, mild SPF. Great for managing dry skin, helps improve skin elasticity
  • Coconut Oil: known for skin repair, and helps repair collagen
  • Jojoba: Great for sun burn, Vitamin E, B Complex, has anti-ageing properties,
  • Baobab: Facilitates skin regeneration, Vitamin C, packed with antioxidants, Vitamin A, D & E, omega 3, improves skin elasticity, great for dry skin and reduces pigmentation 
  • Geranium: The wrinkle reducer that is great for dry skin
  • Apricot: Vitamin A, C & K, great moisturiser, and hydrator. Vitamin K helps reduce dark circles
  • Clary Sage – Anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, anti-ageing properties and great for rosacea plus has skin tightening properties
  • Cinnamon: Stimulates blood flow, has anti-ageing properties, and increases collagen levels
  • Millet: An ingredient rich in protein, fibre, silica, vitamins, and minerals. Amazing at improving skin elasticity, fighting signs of ageing and enhances complexion
  • Orange: Vitamin C, brightens skin and is packed with antioxidants
  • Eucalyptus: Supports skin enhancement and helps to increases skin defences

The above ingredients are found across the Naturally Tribal skincare range – from exfoliators, body wash to incredible natural and authentic moisturisers.


My focus has been on skin hence does not take away from the need for a healthy lifestyle, great diet, and available supplements.

My skin looks great, feels great and I am always ready for the battle with mother nature.

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