Earth Day

Earth Day is an event that takes place every year to show support and solidarity for environmental protection. This year’s Earth Day marks the 50th year anniversary and with a billion people taking part every year this promises to be a huge event.

This year's theme for Earth Day is Climate Action, with the aim of tackling the largest challenge that we all face. There are six areas that have been identified as having the greatest impact and which this year's events will tackle.

  • Plastics
  • Air quality
  • Insects
  • Climate
  • Food security
  • Water quality

How you can get involved:

Events and activities won’t just take place for one day. This year Earth Day Network has set a number of events that people can become involved with to tackle the largest issues affecting our planet.

On the 22nd April there will be 24 hours of digital action, showing that even though we have to be apart physically we can still come together to make a change. You can find the digital events that are taking place all over the world and sign up There will be discussions live streamed and actions that all of us can take big or small to make a difference. You can visit to sign up and be a part of this digital movement!

The Great Global Cleanup is a worldwide campaign that aims to remove the trash that has accumulated on beaches, neighbourhoods and parks. This will help reduce the harm that this rubbish causes to the environment and wildlife. You can sign up for a cleanup near you via

The next event is Earth Challenge, a large scale science initiative. All you need to do is download the app, you can then collect data on air quality and plastic pollution in your local area. This allows a huge amount of data to be collected that shows the changes that still need to be made to improve the environmental situation!

The next is Foodprints for the Future, this event allows communities and individuals to work together to address a huge challenge, our food system. A foodprint is the environmental impact of growing, producing, transporting and even storing food. There are many factors that affect our decisions about what we eat - access, health and affordability to name a few. This campaign isn’t aimed at highlighting one diet but instead on showcasing how as individuals we can make small changes that have a positive impact. You can measure your foodprint via the website.

The last event is Artists for the Earth, this will bring artists from all over the world together to express how we can and do work together for a larger cause. There are a number of ways you can participate in this event, whether it’s through performing art, paintings or music!

Let us know how you are getting involved! #JoinTheTribe

A fellow triber

Hannah x

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