Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice

Cinnamon has been a popular natural ingredient for centuries! Our Agu range features this impressive ingredient with so many incredible benefits!

The antioxidants in cinnamon have great benefits and can protect the skin from free radicals. These free radicals occur when atoms are unstable and can lead to cell damage. This is natural over time and is how the aging process occurs. However, cinnamon can step in and help reduce and slow down the changes from free radicals!

Benefits of cinnamon:

● Stimulates blood flow keeping skin vibrant and healthy
● Has anti-aging properties which are provided by the antioxidants within cinnamon
● Increases collagen levels improving skin's elasticity
● Antiseptic, making this great for those struggling with acne
● Great for dry skin and scars and the creamy consistency makes it easy to apply

Our Agu Body Food can moisturise and nourish dry skin whilst providing skin with all the benefits of cinnamon! Plus it smells absolutely amazing (slightly biased as this is my favourite product)!

Tips when applying:
We suggest taking a small amount of Body Food and rubbing it between your hands before applying. This allows your body temperature to melt the natural goodness and the shea butter it contains. This ensures a more even layer can be applied to your skin!

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