Celebrating International Women's Day!

At Naturally Tribal, everyday is International Women’s Day! Naturally Tribal is founded by women, led by women, and made by women, and used by everyone, allowing us to successfully break the bias!

So what does breaking the bias mean?

Break the bias is this year's slogan for International Women’s Day. It is about consciously breaking the biases that we have, which are used to discriminate against others based on gender, age, religion and race. These biases are based on stereotypes and cause unequal opportunities.

So how do we break the bias?

We break the bias by being a brand which prides itself on being diverse! We make our products suitable for all genders, all skin tones, skin types, all races, all religions, all sexualities and all disabilities.

Empowering women is extremely important to us and we strongly believe that Education is the key to women empowerment.  We are convinced without a doubt that if we educate a woman, we educate a family, we educate a community, we educate a nation and we educate a generation!

So, to us, empowering women is about building confidence, skills, leadership at multiple levels, an inclusive mind-set, nurturing our natural entrepreneurial spirit and financial independence.

By empowering a woman, we empower ourselves

By empowering a woman, we empower her sons and daughters

By empowering a woman, we change the world, one woman at a time

By empowering a woman, we teach our children

By empowering a woman, we feel good

By empowering a woman, we learn

By empowering a woman, we rise

By empowering a woman we are building a community

By empowering a woman, we live by example and action

At Naturally Tribal, we don’t think about it, we just ‘do it’

We have a small, but diverse team at Naturally Tribal, in the UK, who continue to break the bias!

Our Social Media Coordinator Ashli Shorter is at the beginning of her journey with Naturally Tribal. Throughout her employment, she has been supported in improving her skills and confidence. She has recently been enrolled in ‘The School of Marketing’ where she receives a formal education and a diploma at the end of the course.

Our Marketing Manager Hannah White started her journey as an intern and has been with the company for a couple of years. She became the head of the marketing department in just 18 months, and more recently, she has won ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ at the SME Awards!

We are so proud to be a brand which continues to support and champion women everyday!

How can you do your part?

DO NOT alienate men! Allyship is extremely important and female empowerment does not mean the exclusion of men

Show solidarity with the women in your life, by making yourself aware of the biases you may have, and actively fight against them.

Uplift and inspire the women around you by giving them opportunities to grow, whether it be in the workplace or in your community.

When you join the tribe, that means, supporting female empowerment, supporting equal opportunities, and helping to break the bias.

So let's come together, to celebrate all women, from all walks of life.

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