Celebrating Inclusive Beauty

Beauty brands have made a shift towards being more inclusive in the past few years, but for us, it has always come naturally. 

Inclusive beauty to us is breaking free from society’s definition of beauty by celebrating all humans, representing all ages, races, religion, ethnicities, genders, disabilities, sexual orientation and of course skin type and tone.

Authenticity is key here, where we are going against the norm, by overcoming the idea that beauty serves the interest of women alone. Which is why being a gender-neutral brand is important to us. 

Inclusive Beauty to us means to take pride in the diversity of our tribe, and to make sure that each and every member feels catered to and represented. We are a tribe built on kindness, purpose, impact and one that doesn’t exclude. With diversity at our core, we celebrate all of our tribers from all walks of life.

From newborn skin to mature skin, our products are made for all ages! Our hero product YARA Body Food was made with the most sensitive skin in mind, and can be used by both parent and child.

“I am so grateful for this beautiful life changing product! Not only has it helped my psoriasis massively, but my 1 year old daughter was having big eczema flare ups and nothing seemed to help ease it when it got bad. I decided to give this a go and I will never look back, not seen her skin look this clear in a while! Thank you so much X”

Our YARA Body Food is included in our Nurture with Nature gift set, made to nurture the bond between parent and child, whilst further celebrating our diverse age range. Nurture with Nature also includes our OROMA Body Wash, a gentle cleanse for both parent and child, and our IYA Body Food, which provides the ultimate nourishment, and is the perfect remedy for the parent.

Our kind to skin, natural ingredients have been proven to work on all skin types, tones and skin conditions. From eczema and psoriasis, to dry skin, oily skin, or skin undergoing medical treatment, our Tribers can be sure that there is a product to suit their needs. A concern for many with oily or combination skin when it comes to serums is that they are just adding more ‘oil’ to the skin, our MIMO Facial Serum was created with all skin types in mind which is why it works for those with oily and combination skin as well as those with dry or sensitive skin. Check out this review of our MIMO Facial Serum, used by a Triber with oily skin.

“This serum is incredible! It's lightweight, not greasy in the slightest and soaks into the face like you're giving yourself your own little facial. My skin is oily and so I struggle with serums but this feels absolutely beautiful on my skin. I also rubbed some on my shoulders and legs - it gives a dewy appearance unlike other "oils" which look sticky.” 

Men often get overlooked within the beauty industry, but attitudes are starting to change! Our products are inclusive of all genders, and we further encourage our male tribers to groom themselves with our AGU Beard and Shave Oil. This skincare essential is made to nourish the beard, whilst soothing the skin underneath from any redness or irritation caused by shaving. Alternatively, our female tribers can use our IYA Intimate Shave Oil to shave their intimate areas or help care for the skin post-shaving.

The clue is in our name! We are using our name to change the narrative! Historically people associate the word ‘tribe’ with negativity, segregation, and otherness, instead we are building and celebrating a diverse tribe of people of all backgrounds:

The Nature lover: Our products speak to the nature lover who is passionate about plant-based power. These are the natural skincare lovers, the vegan and cruelty free skincare lover who is passionate about our environment and planet. Today, we hear the words sustainability, ethical sourcing, empowerment, clean beauty, green beauty and so much more batted about. We don’t just say these words, we think them, we say them, we do them, we live by them. Authenticity, traceability, love for our planet, love for our tribe and the women we empower everyday – these set us miles apart from other skincare brands

The luxury skincare and beauty lover: We speak to and cater for the results driven and luxury skincare lover who appreciates our use of ingredients with the power to battle wrinkles and tighten the skin – naturally. The ones who appreciate the work that has gone into our luxury high-end but sustainable packaging.  

For skin conditions: With around 900 million people around the world suffering with a skin condition, skin diseases remain a major cause of disability worldwide. We are the go to natural skincare brand for customers with skin conditions as well as customers who want to maintain their skin as nature intended. From consumers with skin conditions to those undergoing medical interventions that will impact the skin.

So, no matter your sexuality, age, race, gender, religion or disability, we celebrate our Tribe everyday!

We hope that our brand encourages our Tribers to embrace and enhance your differences and imperfections.

We love you just the way you are, Imperfectly Perfect

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