True Beauty is Cruelty Free

This week I thought I would tell you a bit more about me and let my fellow Tribers get to know me better. I promise I’ll keep it short!

I have been buying and supporting cruelty free brands for almost my entire life. The reason this has always been so important to me is because I was raised vegetarian. My mum always taught me that we had to do everything possible to help those around us and that included the animals on our planet.

However, buying cruelty free products has become even more important to me over the last few years as I have been able to see the impact of what I do and what I purchase has on those around me. I feel so pleased that this cruelty free movement is gaining traction and people are becoming more aware of this cause!

This is the case not only for consumers but for brands. More are jumping on the bandwagon, making cruelty free products more easily available. So why not join this movement? That is why I am so passionate about working at Naturally Tribal, I love that I have found a brand that has the same ethos I do! Producing natural, vegan and cruelty free products is incredibly fun and it's amazing that what we make is not only helping people’s skin but is also kind and considerate to our planet. Not only are our products natural but we are also reducing our plastic usage. Our products are now in glass jars, we are doing our best to help the planet!

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A fellow triber,

Hannah x

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