Spring skincare tips

Here are some tips on how you can care for your skin in Spring:

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

As well as the seasons transitioning, your skin will also transition. The cold, dry weather will impact the hydration of your skin so ensure you drink plenty of water and remove any harsh cleansers and body washes from your routine. Focus on replenishing your skin's lost moisture. Naturally Tribal's skincare can help to replace skins lost moisture, by deeply nourishing and replenishing the condition of the skin through the natural ingredients that each tub contains.

2. No harsh scrubbing

When your skins feeling dry it's quite common for people to want to exfoliate so as to 'remove' the sensation. However, when the weather gets colder it's best to focus on building up your skins natural barrier rather than stripping it away. Try less aggressive forms of exfoliation, such as the Naturally Tribal Millet Body Polish and reduce the amount of times you would exfoliate in a week. This will help your skin to feel soothed and smoothed, as well as supple and comfortable.

3. Still think about sun damage

Even if the weather is miserable and grey, don't forget that UV rays still exist and have a negative impact on your skin.

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