Sensitive Skincare

Sensitive skin can be a real pain, trying a product and surprise surprise, having a reaction. This can really limit the choice of brands as most have some sort of chemical in them. However, more and more brands are now jumping on the natural skincare bandwagon - great news if you have sensitive skin like me!

Sensitive skin:

● Essentially skin that is over reactive
● This can be affected by external and internal factors

A reaction can result in redness or sensitivity, making skin hot or uncomfortable. There is a reason skin reacts like this as it's perceiving an ingredient as a potential threat. This reaction can help repair tissue damage and kill bacteria. Nevertheless, if this reaction is prolonged or frequently occurrs it can age skin quicker.

● UV light
● Pollution
● Irritants
● Smoking
● Environmental allergens
● Skincare products
● Changes in temperature
● Lack of sleep
● Dehydration
● Hormonal changes
● Stress
● Dry skin

Sensitive skin can easily be stressed or aggravated. There are some ingredients that can help soothe and prevent a flare up. This is where anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients come in as they can alleviate and reduce symptoms.


Anti-inflammatory ingredients can interrupt this inflammation process. Those that suffer are often prescribed corticosteroids, however, these can thin the skin and should be used sparingly. Stopping the use of these corticosteroids can result in a withdrawal effect which can be painful and should be done gradually.


Antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals, which damage the skin, weakening elasticity and resulting in aging of the skin. Whilst antioxidants can protect the skin they can also brighten skin and calm irritation.

Natural alternatives that contain anti-inflammatories and antioxidants include:

● Shea Butter
● Grapeseed Oil
● Argan Oil
● Geranium
● Nutmeg
● Black Pepper
● Lemon
● Basil
● Kola Nut
● Lemongrass
● Baobab
● Ylang Ylang
● Apricot
● Clary Sage
● Jojoba
● Calendula
● Orange
● Eucalyptus

How to use:

The same side effects are not faced with natural skincare, therefore natural skincare products can be used daily. When a flare up occurs the usage of these skincare products can be increased. Applying products that contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties once a day can lead to a resilient skin barrier.

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