Say goodbye to synthetic preservatives

Shelf life is a tricky one when it comes to natural products. I’m determined to continue a truly 'chemical-free' journey when it comes to Naturally Tribal products. When talking about shelf life, I have to talk about preservatives. Preservatives are used to prevent the growth of microorganisms which can be caused by oxygen exposure and contamination by the us during use e.g. having bacteria on your hands when sticking your fingers into the product. For those of you who don’t know, one of the reasons why many creams and lotions have a long shelf life is because they tend to contain synthetic preservatives. I want your skin to truly benefit from the properties of our high-grade, natural ingredients without countering that with synthetic preservatives - hence I’ve adopted natural methods of preserving products e.g. essential oils. I’m continuing to test and reformulate Naturally Tribal products so that I can get the best possible outcome and health benefits for your skin. With that being said, the compromise is that the shelf life of Naturally Tribal products will always be shorter than those which contain synthetic preservatives. Here are my tips for enjoying your Naturally Tribal products (especially if you love a hot shower like me!):
  1. Once opened use your product(s) within 6 months

  2. Keep your product(s) away from water

  3. Handle your product(s) with clean hands

  4. Love your skin!

Shalom Lloyd, Founder

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