Santa's Little Helper

Have you started to think about Christmas shopping yet? I know it still seems a while away but to help get you started, we thought we'd would show you our beautiful Christmas gift sets! Our Iya gift set includes our best selling women's body food and intimate shave oil, and our Agu gift set includes our men's body food and shave & beard oil. Both sets come beautifully packaged in a wooden gift box, ready to either wrap up or give to a lucky receiver as they are! After-all, we're all about making gift-giving easy! Our Agu gift set (which features Cinnamon within our beautifully blended body food formula) is perfect for the man in your life. Our high quality Shea butter ensures their skin is looked after while the Cinnamon softens and soothes the skin thanks to its rich antioxidant properties. The oils in the Agu Shave and Beard Oil, soften the beard whilst the Shea butter strengthens and nourishes, protecting and hydrating the skin underneath the beard. Our Iya range, is a perfect present for those that love all things skin care! The products contain Bergamot, not only providing a lovely fragrance but brightening dull skin - allowing them to pamper with natural goodness. The Iya Intimate Shave Oil is formulated expertly to ensure it doesn't clog your razor, but the natural ingredients moisturise and protect your skin nonetheless. The oil creates a thin barrier between your skin and the razor so that the blade glides, reducing redness, irritation and razor burns. These gift sets contain our full size products for a total of £35 (if bought individually £47) The perfect solution for either a treat for yourself or a present for friends and family! Shop now via our website at A fellow triber Hannah x

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