Perfect Trust

We are so excited to reveal that Naturally Tribal is stocked with Perfect Trust!

Perfect Trust is a beauty brand with the aim of helping customers discover the best of themselves. Stocking brands from Africa and Europe to provide customers with high quality products. This is why we wanted to partner with this amazing brand!

Shared values:

● Beauty and inner beauty are so important and we want to
promote this so people can express their own definition of

● Honesty and Integrity, customers should know what our
products contain as well as our brand values

● Nourishment, our skin is a huge exchange organ which
absorbs a lot of what we put on it. So, when you think about
it, what we put on our skin, should be just as important as
what we eat!

You can find Naturally Tribal at Perfect Trust stores throughout
Nigeria and on their website!

Let us know if you are as excited as we are by sharing this! #JoinTheTribe

A fellow triber
Hannah x

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