Our Christmas Campaign: Crown of Giving

At Naturally Tiwa, we believe in the power of our name. ‘Tiwa’ means ‘One who owns the crown’ or ‘One who wears the crown’. It symbolises power, belonging, and ownership. This Christmas, we want to extend that power to bring hope and healing to those who need it the most – Cancer Patients.

Our skincare products, carefully crafted without synthetic chemicals and filled with natural ingredients, have shown remarkable results for Cancer Patients. We aim to make this Christmas season a time of rejuvenation and hope for them.

This festive period our customers can purchase a product at 30% off using a special Christmas code for a Cancer Patient. Using the code CROWN30 at checkout you can buy an item for yourself and get an item at 30% off which will be given to a Cancer Patient in the community.


In collaboration with The Lewis Foundation, which is a charity focused on supporting Cancer Patients in the community, every product (crown) purchased by our customers for a Cancer Patient will be delivered to the patient by the team at The Lewis Foundation.

Throughout this period we will keep everyone updated on the number of crowns placed on patients' heads, through our social media and email campaigns.

Cover the following steps below

  • 1 Customers use code CROWN30.
  • 2 Purchase skincare at 30% off
  • 3 A crown is placed on a Cancer Patient
  • 4 Delivered by The Lewis Foundation
  • 5 Track the impact
  • 6 Make a difference


  • Choose a Product

    Select your favourite Naturally Tiwa Skincare products (one for a Cancer Patient and perhaps one for yourself)

  • Use the Code CROWN30

    At checkout, enter the special Christmas code: CROWN30.

  • 30% Discount Applied

    Watch as a 30% discount is applied to one of your items which will be given to a Cancer Patient.

  • A Crown Placed

    For every purchase with the code CROWN30, a "Crown" is placed on a Cancer Patient.

  • Partnering with The Lewis Foundation

    In collaboration with The Lewis Foundation, your "Crown" is delivered to a Cancer Patient in need.

  • Track the Impact

    Follow our updates to see the number of "crowns" placed on patients' heads.

  • Make a Difference

    You've not just bought skincare; you've shared hope and healing this Christmas.


  • With your support, we're not just selling skincare products; we're crowning the heads of Cancer Patients with hope and healing this Christmas. Together, we're making a difference, one 'crown' at a time.

Find out more about the work
The Lewis Foundation are doing!

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